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Five Ways To Get Paid By Exercising

by: Tiffany Smith Tuesday, June 14 2016

I’ll be blunt: I hate exercising. However, I like to be healthy and fit too, so I’m always trying to make my exercise routines more interesting. What if I told you that you could make money by working out? If that makes you turn your head in curiosity, keep reading to find out five ways you can make money by read more...


10 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Can Get From Your Library For Free

by: Tiffany Smith Saturday, June 11 2016

When you think of a library, you probably associate it with literacy. However, that’s not all they can provide you with. Libraries strive to give their community free access to education and information. Here’s ten things you probably didn’t know read more...


How I've Made Over $200 By Just Changing My Default Search Engine To This

by: Tiffany Smith Tuesday, June 9 2016

We all love free things, like when you find a box of stuff on the side of the road labeled FREE in big, black marker or when you stack all your coupons at the right time and score a free toothbrush. Maybe the store will even pay you back (that happened to my mom on more than one occasion). What about free money... read more...


Don't Delete Your Emails! You Could Be Making Money By Doing This Instead

by: Tiffany Smith Tuesday, June 7 2016

Have you ever bought something only to find that five days later the price has dropped? You think that if only you'd waited a few more days you could have gotten a better price and saved some money. I think we've all been there. Better deals always seem to pop up after you've... read more...


Four Streaming Video Services That Are Cheaper Than Cable!

by: Tiffany Smith Sunday, June 5 2016

Let's face it: America loves it's television. From Orange Is The New Black to Game Of Thrones, most households probably watch TV through either cable, satellite, or a video streaming service. However, many people are beginning... read more...


Need A Free Alternative For Microsoft Office? Here's A Free One!

by: Tiffany Smith Thursday, June 2 2016

There is no doubt, Microsoft Office is a great program. I used the 2010 version for years on Windows and I loved it. However, I changed over to a Mac and consequently would have had to buy a new license. Since I'm heading off to college in the fall, I don't exactly have the funds to purchase one. Not to mention, as I was researching... read more...


How To Have A Smartphone For Around $7 A Month

by: Tiffany Smith Tuesday, May 31 2016

How much do you pay for your cell phone bill each month? $90? $100? $150? Having an unlimited plan can really cost you, especially if you have multiple lines. If you think about it, you have your line, then you add unlimited text messaging and data, and finally you throw in... read more...


Coupons That Have That Sunny Feeling About Them

by: Jackie King Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Whether you're dining outdoors or sleeping under the stars. that is what makes spring time in May so much fun! It's a month to kick back, relax and celebrate our family and friends after all... read more...


Size Matters You Know

by: Jackie King Saturday, May 3, 2014 suggests that when you're shopping compare package sizes and... read more...


Coupons Matter Don't You Agree?

by: Jackie King Thursday, March 27, 2014

Think about this: Two shoppers are in the same line checking out buying the same item priced at $100. The only difference is, that Sally has a 10% off coupon and Joe doesn't. Seems like a fairly straight forward transaction that one will save $10 and the other won't, right? The answer is... read more...

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